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The choice of stainless steel throat hoop is to choose high-grade and high-quality

The choice of stainless steel throat hoop is to choose high-grade and high-quality

Throat hoop has a very wide range of applications. Although its size is small, it plays an important role in the fastening connection of objects, just like a small screw. At present, there are only three kinds of throat hoops widely used on the market, British throat hoops, German throat hoops and American throat hoops. The high-quality stainless steel throat hoop belongs to one of them. What are the characteristics of these three different hoops? What's the advantage of stainless steel?

First of all, about the British throat hoop, this kind of throat hoop we see a lot on the market, its material is ordinary iron, and the surface of the product is galvanized, so the industry also called it iron galvanized. In terms of application, the torque of the British throat hoop is general. Because of its relatively cheap price, and many objects do not require high torque, it is widely used. Second, German throat hoop. This kind of throat hoop and the British material is basically the same, are galvanized iron, the difference is that the German type of throat hoop its torque is larger than the British, its modeling and production cost is also higher, so its price is higher than the British throat hoop. Due to the relatively high cost of production, it is not widely used. At present, this kind of throat band should be used only in individual fields.

As for the American throat hoop. This throat hoop can be divided into two kinds, one is iron galvanized throat hoop, the other is stainless steel throat hoop. The difference is mainly the material difference, the current market of American throat hoop is mainly stainless steel throat hoop. Stainless steel material, has good corrosion resistance, can be used for a long time and maintain its best performance, so the price is higher than the previous two, is mainly used in the high-grade auto parts production market.

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